About The Publisher: Taiba

Hello! Welcome to Macaroni Kid Easton! Learn about kid and family events, read articles that relate to your everyday life and connect to what Easton has to offer! 

My name is Taiba and I am a mother of 3 girls ages 4, 6 and 8. Easton has been our home for the past 8 years, we are happy to be a part of such an inviting city. After moving to Easton, I came across Macaroni Kid, it was my go-to for local activities and family friendly businesses. I found it helpful that someone in my area was doing the research and connecting parents with local events, ideas, and experiences. With that being said, I am excited to be the new publisher of Macaroni Kid Easton. 

After an interesting year (to say the least) and as our community is starting to safely open, we are working to fill our event calendar! Check back often to see all the latest updates. Have something you would like to add? Contact me! 

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